Thursday, June 23, 2016

The paradox of perfection

As soon as one can tell a man how to perform in detailed perfection - such that the man's cognitive input is not needed anymore to perform the job given - a new kind of machine design will be born, that will perform the job flawlessly, rendering the human unnecessary. (Me)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It does feel like a knife in the back

Germany just announced a record commercial excedent a couple af months before.

Then they announced they need refugees because their population is ageing and they need youg workforce to sustain their economy.

Spain youth unemployment ratio: 19.0
Croatia youth unemployment ratio: 15.3
Portugal youth unemployment ratio: 11.9
Portugal youth unemployment ratio: 12.7
Greece youth unemployment ratio: 14.7


It IS a stab in the back. A TREASON when you ask for solidarity in receiving refugees but you need immigrants to fill your jobs instead of your own kin.

File:Table 1 Youth unemployment, 2014Q4 (%).png

Friday, August 28, 2015

Immigrant crisis - why people flee from conflict zones

European Union is confronted nowadays with the greatest immigrant wave since WWII. A big part of this situation is it's own fault. As if the economical crisis was not enough to weaken EU foundations, now we have to deal with a second crisis. Immigrants and ever increasing right wing environment. As they say, that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. But let's have a look into immigration and European politician's response.

Why people flee  from conflict zones?

Well.. the more accurate question is why men 20 to 40 years old flee from conflict zones? Are not men meant to fight? Well... as it seams NO. Only about 20% of a population is fight-worthy.

But? Why would countries that are placed half a continent from the conflict zone would receive the "war refugees"?

Answer: they don't have to. But they WANT to. At least the politicians. Because as long as people fleeing a conflict country reached a safe zone: THEY ARE NOT A WAR REFUGEE ANYMORE. They become "economic refugees". Which is not considered a "legal" way of refugiation. Not even by UNO.


European politician's response: we have to welcome them because they are WAR refugees.

Which they are definitely not: Turkey, Libya, etc... - ARE NOT WAR ZONES,


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The revenge of a Sith

He was the beloved protegee of a dictator. The next to rule the land, in spite of people saying that the denaturated son will take the throne.

All was going according to plan. Even though he had to approve some "people" justice. And many youngs of his country were killed for this.

Then, communism fell. Socialism as he knew it fell. And he took revenge on his own country. He let chaos rule, he let thieves steal. To get his revenge on the planet, because the world did not turn out the way he wanted.

And he is still alive.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Of Daemons and Angels

What if you were a poor but intelligent folk in a slum? What if for you life does not mean just surviving day after day and trying to help your family and kins? What if there is no possible way out of the slime hole although your mind is ok and your ideals are even greater? What if some people come to you one day and give you EVERYTHING on a silver platter? Let's say you will be the leader of your country. You willl have the chance to make it all right for the friends, family and for the guys in your situation?

Would you take this opportunity?

What if the deal came with a limited time frame? 10. 20, maybe even 40 years from then they would have to hunt you down and kill you. But untill then you are safe and the leader of your people. What will you do then? What will you say then?

Would you TAKE the deal or NOT?

However, say no to drugs ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Condamnation to war

Some stupid fuck (Paul Paulman), executive of a no name company that produces nothing gives an interview in Bloomberg saying that Europe is facing 10 years of stagnation. That is the equivalent of a condamnation to war. Or civil war. That's the way to go boy. How dum must a company like Bloomberg be to publish this? Even if it were true - to who and to what purpose would serve such an assesment? Am I gonna start buying your usless shit you dumass just because you declare we have no hope?

On the same page the same orangutan declares that U.S. "grapples" (what a stupid word) with the "emerging poor class". Meaning that U.S. is turning maybe for the first time in history socialist.

You, mr. P. Paulman, are truly a specimen that fits perfectly in the Darwin Awards book of fame. You just need to buy that grenades to protect yourself for when the war comes home and check if the pin works okay.

You dumb fuck.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Of innocence and villains

We won. We always won. They won at one point but then they lost. Because we won. We have victor metality. We don't know how to loose. That's something we just don't do. They are shouting a lot of stuff but mostly that they are willing to go to the end, even die to defend something that doesn't even have a physical meaning. I know better. The won't. They'll break and then they'll joing the winning side. It's just that the critical mass wasn't reached yet. So let them shout, because after all, the dog that barks doesn't bite. Be we do. We don't know any other way.